I think it’s always appropriate for one to express their true intentions with anything, whether it be in a relationship, a friendship or even with a blog. So I’m taking this time out to make a introduction and what I want out of this blog and what direction I see it going in. Let’s first start out on a tiny tidbit about myself. My name is Keiara (KEY-ARE-RUH or KEY-AIR-RUH) I’m nineteen years old and as of this post I live in San Francisco, CA. In just three short weeks I will be moving to Beijing, China to study Chinese and travel the world. I’ve been blessed with certain opportunities, but as my Sagittarius  horoscopes says none of these opportunities have been coincidental. I like to refer to myself as a visionary and one day hope to turn that into a job title. Meaning I have or at least I think I have some really amazing ideas my only problem is cracking down and bringing them to the floor front. It’s something I’m working on but will take baby steps. My dream is to be editor in chief of Vogue in China, but I have to start out small. My only experience with magazines other than flipping through the pages is ripping off the covers and sending them back to the venders from the local store I worked at for almost three years. I’m a writer, I want to major in journalism but where I don’t know, you’ll find out my reasoning in future posts. I have an opinion on various topics, I just about always speak my mind with no filter. I figure why be PC when I don’t know much about politics anyway?

Anyway I see this blog being a way for me to put myself out there and I’ve been wanting to do a blog for years now. Every time I got a good concept something would go wrong and I’d drop the blogging idea all together. I want to start making legitimate youtube videos which mostly includes skits, discussions, vlogs and beauty. I’m very much into fashion but I’ve found that strict fashion blogs lack personality and personal fun blogs lack fashion. I want to bring both of those aspects into one website like one post being about sex and relationships and the next being about Milan fashion week. I just want it to be about just about everything but not to be too out of control. Whenever I have too many expectations I end up getting disappointed. But I’ve learned that I have to take it one step at a time even if it it’s just my close family and friends reading this blog I’m going to keep at it. I see myself doing so much but having so little time. But I’m young, I’ll figure it out!


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  1. Michael AIkins said:

    Am really inlove with this website..keep the great work…

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