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On this episode of Scandal, of course many gut-wrenching events took place! For instance we are reminded of Big Jerry (Fitz’s late hooker-loving daddy) “forcing” himself (euphemism for rape) onto Mellie 15 years ago and it traumatizing her so much so that it ruined her fresh marriage with Fitz. She attempts suicide and lieutenant governor, Andrew (I can’t recall his last name) saves her. I’ve always been Team Mellie because she is a fierce First Lady and I’m so happy she FINALLY got a little play, even with the portrait of Jackie Kennedy voyueristically hanging in the background. The only other time Mellie got any play was when a scotched up Fitz rejected her attempt at fellatio in the steamy shower last season.



Moreover, we have to the whole B613 clan in which Mr.Ballard seemed to be unpleasantly surprised to realize that in order to be Command, he’d actually have to work. And was I the only one to scream “oh, I heard that!” when he told Olivia that ain’t nobody got time to come home to popcorn and wine!?! Speaking of which, I’ve never noticed Olivia eat, even when she’s having Sunday dinner with Daddy aka Rowan aka Eli. And Huck, stop bringing Olivia coffee and get her some damn food! You know she’s in dire need of some sustenance!


Then we have Quinn Perkins, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, who is working day and night to improve that B613 résumé. It was weird that she was mostly affected by Huck licking her on the face. Did she forget that he duct tapped her up naked and yanked out her tooth? I have a cousin who just got her wisdom tooth pulled and said there aren’t enough drugs in the world to alleviate such pain. With that being said, who cares about a lick on the face??


Speaking of drugs, that whole Mellie suicide attempt thing, in true Scandal fashion, shows up in present day that there was once OxyContin in the governor’s mansion. In even truer Scandal fashion, someone was covering it up. And of course Olivia kills the story and in the most utterly true Scandal fashion, no one knows how nor cares how.

Meanwhile, James is still trying to expose his husband on the whole Daniel Douglas murder. And Sally is having hallucinations about that dreadful night the devil crept into her for turning her back on the unborn and stabbed her closeted kept husband with a letter opener. Every time the newly widowed Langston comes on screen I can’t help but to start singing that one number from Chicago, HE HAD IT COMING! Then walks in my favorite character, Hollace Doyle with his new found love for yoga and vegan food, and all his southern eloquence, ready to fund the Langston campaign just like he funded his daughter cutting off her own ear.


As for funding, we also have what’s her name, Assalamu Alaykum, who not only exposes a bit more of Harrison’s past (something about Clearwater), but also reintroduces us to Mama. We discover that the two of them are interested in funding the Grant campaign. Hmm, why I wonder? Does it have anything to do with daddy?



Another discovery is the secret service agent isn’t actually down with the Olitz cause like we may have thought, but instead is part of B613 as well. So he’s the whole reason daddy knows Olivia has been sinning with the president…

We shall all see what’s to come next week on Scandal! I hope you liked my review! If you happened to be in China and still want to enjoy your American shows, check out Tudou.com! Til next week Scandalites!

When Mellie tells Olivia that she would never stoop down to her level of infidelity…