These are my Spanish roommates Raquel and Edu, they are the loveliest couple and they’ve been a breath of fresh air after living one whole year with roommates from Hell! They’re both intellectuals who’ve studied law and economics and they’ve been in China since August. They teach me Spanish, I help them with English, and we study Chinese together. Raquel and I came up with a blended name for all these languages, Chinlatinglish.

We typically take turns cooking dinner and that night I made steak (fajita style), frijoles negros (black beans), grilled vegetables, and mexican rice. It was SCRUMPTIOUS!

Before, 之前,Antes


After, 之后, Despues


I thought I made enough food to last us until lunch the next day, but there wasn’t a single bite left.

And this is the box of Sutter Home wine that Raquel and me got ripped off for.


This is a correlation of different types of videos so you can get a good idea of what my youtube channel will consist of. So I hope you find it scintillating and uplifting!


Keiara 容可丽