Rrona and I

前天我跟一个以前的工作同事去了一个旧金山很有名的博物馆叫De Young。先我们吃了泰国菜和聊天。我告诉她关于中国的事。我们的菜都好吃极了,她吃了烤鸭的米饭,我吃了烤鸭的汤。吃完了以后我们向博物馆散步走去。她有很好照相机,她的爱好是照照片,所以我们照了很多照片。De Young 在又有名又漂亮的公园内。这个公园叫Golden Gate公园不但风景很漂亮而且是旧金山的最大的公园。 我们看了Jean Paul Gaultier 的展览。他是一个特别时尚的设计师从法国来。他在20世纪80年代开始设计了。我非常喜欢这个展览,但是我的时尚比他的时尚有点儿保守。

The other day, my good friend/former coworker, Rona and I went to one of San Francisco’s most famous museums, the De Young. First we ate Thai food and chatted all about my experiences in China. Our food was très délicieux! She had the roasted duck rice and I had the roasted duck soup. Who would’ve known the animal I fear the most would taste so good!? Pigeon must taste like fresh oven baked chocolate chip cookies, but I’ll never know because I’ll never eat the things! After we ate, we walked down to the museum. Rona has a fabulous camera and photography is her avid hobby. So we took so many pictures! The De Young is located in Golden Park which not only has a scenery beautiful but also this park is the biggest in the city. We saw the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit. Gaultier is an amazing French designer who hit it big in the 80s. I really loved the exhibit, even though my style is a bit more conservative than his designs.

Bandshell behind me

Satellite photo of San Francisco

Gaultier Gimp

Russian bride

The Matador

Ship of Dreams


Bustiers for days!

Heiress of the Chief wedding gown

LACE up the corset