I’m very sorry that I took such a long hiatus! There’s no excuse but if this justifies it any, wordpress is banned in China. But don’t fret I solved the problem and Keijing will resume just as before. I just got back to San Fran and I’m happy to say that I’m going back to Beijing in September! Visiting home is amazing, everyday I eat fabulous meals and get to spend time with people who I love and care about.

But anyway, today I went to have breakfast with my father and one of my best friends, Ongell. We ate delicious Belgium waffles and black bean omelets. After breakfast, we rode on over to Haight street and did some vintage shopping. I forgot how beautiful San Francisco is, it’s such an original city! Especially comparing it to Beijing, besides from tourist spots like the Great Wall and Forbidden City, all of the houses and people look the same. In a city like San Francisco, you see people with all kinds of versatility, from styles to ethnicities. You see everything, and that’s what I love about the city I was born and raised in!

I found tons of fabulous pieces, but settled on buying a black satin cape for $6! I think it was from a cheap halloween costume, but I put it on over my cream turtleneck sweater and grey harem pants that was paired with vintage gold mesh Stuart Weitzman pumps. I got a few compliments and I’ve been wanting to bring the 1950s trend of capes back.

Ongell and I had a beautiful afternoon, she found an angora sweater and called me Professor Snape the whole time! We frolicked and painted all of Haight and Ashbury!