Here are some pictures of me at The Great Wall of China (长城), the eighth wonder of the world. The Great Wall is centuries old and stretches across the whole country. It’s the only man made structure that can be seen from outer space. It was built to ward off the Mongolians but I heard it never really worked since it took so long to build. The scenery there is breathtaking, with staircases made of detailed carved marble, surrounding cherry blossom trees, and traditional chinese inscriptions. Most of the wall has been restored but the original wall is in western China, which I have yet to see.

I was really foolish and wore pumps that morning. And though I looked the most stylish amongst all the tourists, I’m surprised I made it home with nothing broken. Not only is every rest stop far in between but also the stairs are so misaligned and steep that you can easily fall to your death. I took the cable car up, which I wish I didn’t because I didn’t bring enough money to get back down. So I had to get back to the ground, staircase by staircase. So when you go to 长城 wear comfortable shoes or walk up the stairs and take the slide down!

碧昂丝在长城 (Beyonce at The Great Wall)