So the sun was out yesterday, does that mean the groundhog saw his shadow and spring’s begun? Anyway I went to walk Honey and got a bite to eat..

I wore a vintage silk peplum blouse purchased at the Painted Bird in San Francisco, American Apparel Riding Pants that I found at a thrift store for $15, and Keys flats.

I briefly mentioned something in the video about traveling which I’m going to expand on.

Delicious Spider Roll

Nefertiti Earrings from Piedmont, $6

Faux-ty Dollar Fur

Here’s that coat I bought on Haight Street.. I plan to wear it in that harsh Beijing winter, belted or with jeans or sneakers, with dresses or heels, with black or green.. It’s very versatile!

Mural in Cafe International on Haight and Fillmore, 2/1/12

My Fabulous Aunt, Kemba, in Japantown. 2/1/12

She and I went all over the city the other. Started downtown then made our way to Japantown and then Haight and Ashbury. She’s the greatest, she designs beautiful eclectic jewelry which she’s working on launching for purchase..

Like her on Facebook, Kemba Afi Design